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On this webpage you will find media materials about us and web-links to media publications.

The Aliens movie received the Best Documentary Award at the Kharkiv Human Rights Festival (UNHCR)

Steps: conversation about conscience (portal Media-company Vremia, 06.11.2013)

Program Kinoduet.
Film festival Steps - features and perspectives.
Director Igor Parfenov exclusively about his new film Nonconformity

Program Evening Coffee with director Igor Parfenov

Announcement of the film festival Steps (Most Kharkov, 09.11. 2010)

Director Igor Parfenov is going to present the new film which was shot in Spain ("STATUS QUO", 10.11.2010)

A unique festival is to be held in Kharkov (Phrase, 09.11.2010)

More than 200 films from various countries and of different genres will be shown on film festival Steps in Kharkov ("STATUS QUO", 27.10.2010)

Today is the opening day of the IV International rights film festival Steps (Day, 205, Thursday, November 11th, 2010)

The films by Paul McCartney and Brigitte Bardot will be screened (omsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine, 11.11.2010)

Igor Parfenov in Style info (N5, 2010).

Review of film "Bloody flowers" (working title) in the information-analytical review TVeXplorer.

I have a right ("Afisha", December (#11) 2009)

Film "Arrivederci" awarded higher reward on STEPS International Rights Film Festival (December, 24, 2009, ART PLOSHADKA)

Valeriu Zheregi: "Arrivederci" overmastered the human souls (December, 21, 2009,

Turkish film "Pain" got rewards in Ukraine (Decembers, 22, 2009, "Newstin")

Film of the Turkish producer got three rewards on Steps" international rights film festival (December, 25, 2009, "KOMPASS")

Eight international rewards of Arrividerci (Decembers, 22, 2009, "Moldavian lists")

International Rights Film Festival Steps will be closed by Alan Parkers film (December, 16, 2009, "Nezabarom")

International Rights Film Festival Steps has changed its address (November, 27, 2009. Portal "Culture")

Igor Parfenov: It is needed to wait films which enable to grow spiritually (December 2009, "RIC.UA")

A woman from Kharkiv lay naked to protest again bullfighting (10, july, 2009").

A Ukrainian woman protected bulls ("9, july, 2009).

Europe will see animal protection posters after they are exhibited in Kharkiv. (OTB, news).

"Chto. Gde. Kogda" magazine (Confession of the Devil at Kharkiv Siren film festival)

"Kinodaidgest" magazine (Kiev) about the festival (December, 12, 2008, #12), page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

"Telecity" magazine about the festival STEPS2008 (#11, November 15, 2008)

"Vremya" newspaper about Confession of the Devil (#4, January 13, 2009)

Official website of Vladimir Zhivitskiy (25.12.2008)

Film about homeless will be screened in Kharkiv ("Vecherniy Kharkov", 11.12.2008)

People listened to Confession of the Devil for $100 000 in Kharkiv (Nastoyashiy Dozor, 11.12.2008)

Kharkiv director Igor Parfenov presented a film on protection of animals (Media group "Objective")

Kinopalats will tell about Confession of the Devil ("Glavnoe", 10.12.2008)

Film Festival STEPS: the results (, 8.12.2008)

To show Kharkiv people this inconvenient truth ("Kharkiv news", 8.12.2008)

100 films from 30 countries were demonstrated at STEPS International Rights Film Festival this year (, 08.12.2008)

The film Confession of the Devil. Time to judge the Humanity is presented at Maydan Svobody ("Glavnoe", 08.12.2008)

There are the results of Rights Film Festival STEPS ("Telekritika", 05.12.2008)

STEPS International Rights Film Festival 2008: new level on the way to virtue (, 05.12.2008)

To live in ignorance is to violate human rights ("Kievskie vedomosti", 04.12.2008)

Echo Programme of II International Rights Film Festival STEPS will take place in Kharkiv (IA Status Kvo, 04.12.2008)

Elena Polyakova is called the best actress at STEPS film festival for her role in Red Lotus movie ("Media Business", 04.12.2008)

STEPS: inconvenient truth about inconvenient truth ("Telekritika", 03.12.2008)

Film Animal instinct by a Kharkiv director will participate in an International Film Festival ("Vremya Znat", 30.11.2008)

Vegetarianism: is it style of life or its scene? ("Vecherniy Kharkov", 28.11.2008)

Igor Parfenov: This year the festival will be more interesting (, 06.11.2008)

Film market Molodist: no sensation, no theatrics ("Telekririka", 29.10.2008)

Talk with Armen (, 15.10.2008).

Shooting of feature film Confession of the Devil (Komsomolskaya pravda, 21.06.2008).

The documentary "Bulls Soul", produced by "STEPS" studio, Studio has been admitted to the main programme of Genesis Awards Hollywood Film (letter).

Magazine "action!" (Moscow) about festival (11th of November, 2007, 11(73)) page1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

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