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Winners of IV STEPS International Film Festival 2010

Feature films
Best feature film on human rights All the invisible children. France, Italy. dir. Mehdi Charef, Emir Kusturica, Spike Lee, Katia Lund, Jordan Scott, Ridley Scott, Stefano Veneruso, John Woo.

Short films
1. Best short film on human rights Just a pitch. France. dir. Eric Raynaud.
1. Best social short film Artalde - Spain. dir. Asier Altuna.
2. Best philosophical short film La gran carrera - Spain. dir. Kote Camacho.
4. Special selection of Committee:
To the closest one. France. dir. Tatiana Grechuha.
Green field. Ukraine. dir. Victor Demkovskiy.
Play and win. Ukraine. dir. Artemenko Sergey.

Documentary films
1. Best documentary on human rights Cultures of resistance. USA. dir. Iara Lee.
2. Best documentary on animal rights Meat the truth. Netherlands. dir. Marianne Thieme.
3. Best documentary on animal rights in the nomination To see this inconvenient truth - Glass walls. UK. PETA, Paul McCartney.
4. Best social documentary Tu come mi vedi? Mexico, Italy. dir. Belen Lemairtre.
5. Best documentary on human rights in category Memory - Indeseable. Ukraine. Film by Igor Poddubniy.
6. Special selection of Committee:
Standing army. Italy. dir. Enrico Parenti.
Sanctuary of dreams. Ukraine. dir. Sergey Volkov.

1. Best animation film on human rights Daisy cutter. Spain. dir. Enrique Garcia, Ruben Salazar.
2. Best animation film on animal rights Design against fur , dir. Richard Jacobs.
3. Best animation film on environmental protection Mercury bird. Germany. dir. Ina Findeisen.
4. Special selection of Committee , ! Ukraine. dir. A. Smygun.

1. Best clip on human rights The barbarians. France. dir. Jean Gabriel Periot.

Prize of the festival:
1. Gran-prix of the film festival is presented to Kira Muratova for outstanding contribution in the world cinematography.
2. Movies that matter for contribution in developing the movement for human rights on the earth.
3. Brigitte Bardot foundation for contribution in developing the movement for animal rights on the earth.