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Animal People
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We leave in a crazy and cruel world. At all times people who challenged barbarism, ignorance and prejudices, were always taken as social misfits. Our character, Arthur, was not an exception to this rule. A professional sportsman and philosopher, he thought he could awake and remake the world. �Animal Liberation is Human Liberation� - this wording was not just a slogan for him, it became his life aim. But then he didn�t know what kind of butchery he would be involved with. His fight against lawlessness of bureaucracy and militia proved to be even harder and rightless than his most fierce combats on the athletic mat. Being put to a special closed department of Mental hospital vivarium, certified as insane, having lost his beloved wife and animal friends, Arthur didn�t give up, and the things, which were close to kill him, but failed to � made him even stronger.


The racetrack with its horses, races, stakes, and sweepstakes has always been an intriguing, exciting and fantastical place. By no means anybody knows what is hidden behind the racetrack walls. A few know that almost all racetrack horses are eaten as food by those who have been applauding them so passionately during their life. �When Gods Sleep� reveals to the audience the secrets of racetrack life making them consider and evaluate this �mysterious� world, having so terrible and cruel things committed in it, in a different light.
Razhev, the master of the racetrack, lays two million dollars against his favorite and best horse Kholstomer, in fact condemning him to death since winner is to be skinned according to the agreement. That condition is a whim of the Muscovites, the representatives of the other conflicting party taking this stake as a gambling. For them it is a game of life that let them have their crusted wild passions stirred up. Ruslan, the trainer of Kholstomer, doesn�t want to accept the races rules so he dies on his attempt to save the horse. The life of the lead character Lena, who has an idealistic vision of world and tries to change something in it and to reduce horses suffering, is being ruined too. Not being able to stand her lover Ruslan�s death, the unfair death of her horse friend, as well as to find the way out and the meaning of life, she commits suicide. Razhev, the master of the racetrack and the reason of all troubles, keeps his usual way of living. But soon his life hangs by a thread. The man groom of the racetrack and the L. Tolstoy follower � Nazarich revolts not willing to accept such rules anymore. And now it is a flip of a coin that will decide who is going to die and to win � the Good or the Evil.


Earth-shattering project of XXI century
Forbidden Tolstoy. Unknown Jesus.

For several thousand years the religious opposition between church and people and folk has been separated and pushed all mankind. A rebellious philosopher in its novel gives life to many disgraced and forbidden writers and rebels, who during the whole film and history of the mankind have been fighting with religious prejudice and throw light upon an unknown truth, giving publicity to their philosophical ideas about different primeval issues of objective reality.
In the film through the vision of modern philosopher mystery becomes reality, and in the cellars of inquisition Leo Tolstoy (who was cursed) and unknown Jesus face each other; where due to intersection of epochs audience will be involved in the whirlpool of fights, adventures, love and, certainly, rebellious and heretical thoughts, as well as action of the heroes � Volter, Rasputin, Seneca and others.


Mental hospital, special department. A solitary cell has become a temporary place of detention for the leader of a terrorist organization �Earth Liberation Front�. He�s extremely insane and dangerous. Having fallen into his nightmare visions, he refused to communicate with the outer world. His fate was predetermined: life imprisonment or death by shooting. But the last straw was not even the murder of 6 hostages � famous people, he went much further, challenging the existing system. Everyone left him. The only one who finds access to his sick mind and makes him talk is a young female doctor. But confession of the terrorist turns out to be much more terrific than the death of hostages, mental hospital cellars, and everything that an average mentality is used to.

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�Bull's soul�

The film is about Spanish corrida, particularly about annual bullfighting show in Pamplona and about PETA�s (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) demonstrations. This organization has been fighting against barbaric tradition of bullfighting for 7 years already and it suggests an alternative � thousands of half-naked people from more than 30 countries running down the streets in Pamplona on the eve of bullfighting�

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Screen version of �The Madness of John Harned� by Jack London

The film is about tragic fortune of a famous Ukrainian sportsman Victor who fell in love with a Spanish girl Maria and who became a witness and a participant of bloody events during bullfighting. He had never been to such a barbarian spectacle. The sportsman who used to follow the rules of dignity and justice was impressed and shocked by the ignorance and wildness of the crowd, applauding in frenzy and enjoying the suffering and blood of poor bulls and horses. His beloved lady and her Spanish friends made a laughing-stock of him with his sentimental feelings and became to tease him because John was not indifferent to the blood on the arena.
At this moment his love vanished and contrary to the whole stadium he started to support the bulls! Thus he became a black ship in the audience. He was the only one to jump up applauding the bulls, when everybody was silent and to the contrary, when everybody was in triumph Victor froze. The crowd could not overlook Victor�s challenge! And it became obvious, that real beasts were not bulls but people who burst their anger on the sportsman. He was hard to kill. More men were killed that day because of Victor than were ever killed because of bull horns for the last 50 years�