Winners of V STEPS International Film Festival 2012


Feature Films:
1. Best Feature Film on Human Rights – “My happiness”. Ukraine-Netherlands-Germany. dir. Sergei Loznica.
2. Film on Human Rights in the category of “Best Director” – “Thirteen 59”. Iran. dir. Saman Salour.
3. In the Category “Best Actor” – Talgat Nigmatylin, feature film “Pitfall”. USSR. Dir. Bolotbeck Shamshiev.
4. In the Category “Best Actress” – Svetlana Khodchenkova, feature film “For you”. Russia. dir. Tatyana Ivashkina.
5. Special attention of the jury:
– “Snatch”. Kazakhstan. dir. Kanagat Mustafin.

Short Films:
1. Best short film on human rights – “I don’t feel like dancing”. Germany. dir. Joachim Dollhopf & Evi Goldbrunner.
2. Best short film on women rights – “Unseen voice”. Iraq. dir. Farzin Karim.
3. Special attention of the jury:
– “The father”. Spain. dir. Patricia Venti.
– “Picnic”. Spain. dir. Gerardo Herrero.
– “Camera 6/13”. Ukraine. dir. Andrey Bogatiy.
– “Les”. Russia – Spain. dir. Aida Ramazanova.
– “Axis”. Ukraine. dir. Boris Shysterman.

Documentary Films:
1. Best documentary on human rights – film by Gulnara Murtazaeva “To take up”. Russia. dir. Valerii Tatarov.
2. Best documentary on animal rights – “The Cove”. USA. dir. Louie Psihoyos.
3. Best documentary on animal rights in the nomination “To see this inconvenient truth” – film by Irina Novozilova & Konstantin Sabinin “Circus: The Illusion of Love. Russia. VITA.
4. Best Documentary for Environmental Protection – “Crooked Beauty”. USA. dir. Ken Paul Rosenthal.
5. Best social documentary – “Generals of the streets”. Ukraine. dir. Tatiana Stepko-Navina.
6. Best directorial debut “Hip-hop. The start point”. Ukraine. dir. Tyoma Brooklyn in the category “Youth against drugs”.
7. Special attention of the jury:
– “Couturier”. Ukraine. dir. Larisa Koshevarova.
– “La Nature des Choses”. France. dir. Audrey Espinasse.
– “EM 2012: Hundemassaker in der Ukraine”. Germany. ÐÅÒÀ.
– “Payment for the impunity of the police in Ukraine”. Ukraine. Amnesty International in Ukraine.

1. Best animation film on human rights – “Dos tristes Tres”. Spain. dir. Antonio Quiroga.
2. Best animation film on animal rights – “Eso te pasa por Barroco”. Spain. dir. Pablo Serrano.
3. Best animation film on environmental protection – “Zafiyet”. Turckey. dir. Yigit Pehlivan.
4. Special attention of the jury:
– “Dirty Friday”. Spain. dir. Adrian Delgado.
– “Gamba Trista”. Italy. dir. Francesco Filippi.

Music Video:
1. Best music video on human rights – “WARdisease”. France. dir. Marie Magescas.
2. Special attention of the jury:
– “Alcohol”. Ukraine. dir. Taras Dron.
– “History: Women’s Page of History of Ukraine.”. Ukraine. UN. Gender equality.

People’s Choice Award – short film “Amazing country”. Ukraine. dir. Olena Kiryanova.

Organizations get The Festival Prize:

– United Nations in Ukraine.
– Amnesty International in Ukraine – for contribution in developing the movement for human rights on Earth.

For contribution in developing the movement for animal rights on Earth:
– Animal People.

In the category “Social Worker”:

1. Giovanni Mozzarelli UNV Programme Officer UNDP Ukraine.
2. Linda Nigmatulyna, actress.
3. Vladimir Ogloblin, photographer and publicist.
4. Tatyana Mazur, Director of Amnesty International in Ukraine.
5. Gennadiy Mohnenko, pastor, foster father.
6. Aleksandr Kolesnichenko, Member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.
7. Tatiana Isaeva, director of the project “Lets create a museum of itself!!”, an expert on gender equality.

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Special prizes awarded at the festival “Steps”

Prizes established by the program “UNV”:
In the category “Inspiration in Action” – documentary “Generals of the streets”, episod “Makarenko from Mariupol”. Ukraine. dir. Tatiana Stepko.

Prizes established by the International Congress of human rights and freedoms

1.In the category “Best Feature Film on Human Rights” -“My happiness”. Ukraine- Netherlands -Germany. dir. Sergei Loznica.
2. In the category “Best Script” – “On Saturday” dir. Alexander Mindadze.
3. In the category “Best documentary on human rights” – a film by Igor Poddubniy “Ambiguous.”
4. For social activities and contributions to international human rights movement was awarded the President of the Film Festival “STEPS” Igor Parfenov.