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Animal People
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Animal Rights Protection Center V.I.T.A.



4th, October

4.30p.m. Blue Hall press-conference

6.00.p.m. Foyer Show with cages

6.30. Red Hall:
- Sweet dreams (music video/nature protection) 5', M.Opolev, Ukraine
- Bear (music video/humane rights) 5', S.Babkin, Ukraine
- feature film The Crucified (human rights) 166', I.Parfenov, Ukraine (out-of-competition), World premiere

9.30.p.m. Blue Hall:
- Press-club (round table)

5th, October

2.00p.m. Blue Hall:
- Grandma and Grandpa (documentary-animation/human rights) 30', G.Beynorute, Lithuania
- Disposable dogs: made in Taiwan (doc.) 4', WSPA, Taiwan
- Lisa (doc./homeless children) 21', T.Tomenko, Ukraine
- Export of horses 1500 miles to death (doc.) 10', CIWF, Great Britain
- Not in my name (doc./animals rights) 13', VIVA!, Great Britain
- Cruelty of fashion (doc./furs) 4', HSUS, Canada
- Yes, death (doc./limonovtsi) 26', A.Polunina, Russia

4.p.m. Blue hall:
- This damnable Kolima (doc./political prisoners) 73', A.Kordon, Russia
- Patches of the lilac sun (short) 12', E.Bedarev, Russia
- I love you so much, (short) 18', Russia
- Milk (short) 15', I.Kovalev, Russia

6.30.p.m. Blue Hall:
- Music video of I.Talkov Jr., 4', Ukraine
- Bane (short/human rights) 15', R. Lavrynovicius, Lithuania
- Animal (doc./corrida, fiestas) 92', A.Mora, Spain, World premiere

8.00.p.m. Blue Hall:
- Return shot (doc./animals rights) 18', VITA, Russia
- Silent killer in the Countryside (video/hunting) 1', The League Trust, Scotland
- Choose life go veggie (doc.) 6', Animal Aid, Great Britain
- feature film Romper Stomper, 92', Jeffrey Wright, Australia (out-of-competition)

10.00.p.m. Blue Hall:
- Angels living on Earth (doc./human rights) 18', A.Gabrilyan, Russia (out-of-competition)
- Placard (short./terrorism) 22', A.Zaycev, Russia (out-of-competition)
- Tango together (short) 26', B.Kozner, Russia, (out-of-competition)

11.00.p.m. Blue Hall:
- Press-club (Round table)

6th, October

2.00.p.m. Blue Hall:
- Following the Sun (music video/humane rights) 3', Padi, Indonesia
- Azhal (short/human rights) 13', K.Mustafin, Kazakhstan
- Disaster at Chernobyl (music clip) 5', A.Sophiex, Belarus
- Earthlings(doc./animals rights) 95', Sh.Monson, USA

4.00.p.m. Blue Hall:
-Non-violence includes animals (doc.) 26', , USA
- Delivery (short/nature protection) 8', .Nowak, Germany
- Their future in your hands (doc./exeriments) 13', Animal Aid, Great Britain
- Awful court (short/I.Franko) 32', O.Troschanovskaya, Ukraine
- Shooting range (short/homeless children) 10', .menko, Ukraine
- Caught in a trap (doc./hunting) 5', League Against Cruel Sports, Scotland
- Sun city (doc./children of Chechnya) 22', .Semenenko, Russsia

6.00.p.m. Blue Hall:
- Before dawn (short/refugees) 12', B.Kenyeres, Hungary
- / Bless the Beasts & Children 101', S.Kramer, USA (out-of-competition)

8.00.p.m. Blue Hall:
- Twenty years after Chernobyl (doc.) 15', I.Dovgal, Ukraine
- Fish (animation) 10', S.Rabov, Russia
- In the Chinese torture chambers (doc./animals rights) 12', WSPA, Great Britain
- Under the sails of legend! (doc./prisoners rights) 26', B.Dvorkin, Russia
- Videos on nature protection themes (Belarus)
- Where has the forest gone? Yesterday it was!, (doc.) 127', V.Lovtchinovskiy, Ukraine, World premiere

10.00.p.m. Blue Hall:
- What was done has already gone (doc.) 14', I.Volkova, Russia (out-of-competition)
- Watch the doors (animation) 6', Russia, V.Utchaev (out-of-competition)
- Trail (doc.) 23', T.Donskaya, Russia (out-of-competition)

11.00.p.m. Blue Hall:
- Presclub (round table)

4.00.p.m. Red hall:
- feature The story of the guard dog 101', V.Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine

6.00.p.m. Red hall:
- Slaughterhouse (short) 9', .Tomenko, Ukraine
- documentary of Al Gore An Inconvenient truth (doc./nature protection) 97', D.Guggenheim, USA

8.00.p.m. Red hall:
- Troubled waters (doc./cology) 5', WSPA, Great Britain
- feature Execute never pardon (human rights) 100', A.Kozirev, Russia, World premiere
- Victims of the political repressions (famine) 11', OTB TV-channel, Ukraine
- Companions to none (doc./homeless animals) 52', B.Butchanan, Mexica

7th, October

1.00.p.m. Blue hall: Press-conference. The participants of the conference: the president of the film festival Steps Igor Parfenov, Aleksey Kozirev - the chairman of the Pardon Board (S.Petersburg), the representative of PETA (Europe) Alistair Currie, actors Nikita Jighurda, Anastasiya Melnikova, Sergey Koshonin.

2.00.p.m. Blue Hall:
- The bulls soul (doc./corrida, fiestas) 15', I.Parfenov, Ukraine (out-of-competition), World premiere
- Devil (doc./human rights) 55', A.Malinin, Russia
- Doomed to 5 days of Life (doc./homeless animals) 9', A.Dulebo, Belarus
- Upward and downward (short/human rights) 15', S.Lebedev, Russia
- Eat this (short/animal protection) 21', Animal Aid, Great Britain

4.00.p.m. Blue Hall:
- Resurrection (short/terrorism) 28', P.Zabelin, Russia
- A Lesson of Belorusian (doc./human rights) 50', M.Dembinski
- Old cottage (short/terrorism) 10', A.Tarasova, Russia
- Date (short) 14', D.Golubov, Russia
- Old man (short) 14', N.Arzhakov, Russia

4.00.p.m. Blue Hall:
- Hamburger without embellishment (doc./animals rights) 14', VITA, Russia
- One voice(animation/human rights) 13', Jeanne Paturle and Cecile Rousset, France
- Ghosts of the city (doc./animals rights) 11', EHDKD, Turkey
- Mandabalu (short/immigrants) 16', S.Mikuliskis, Lithuania
- feature Commitment (AIDS, drugs) 47', Sh.Safarov, Ukraine
- Right for rights (problems of disabled persons) 7', OTB TV-channel, Ukraine

4.p.m. Red hall :
- John and Yokos Year of Peace (doc.) 51', P.McGrath, USA
- The Witness (doc./animals rights) 43', J.LaVeck, USA

6.p.m. Red hall:
- feature Place on Earth (human rights) 120', .Aristakisyan, Russia

8.p.m. Red hall:
- Paul McCartney & Friends (concert) 68', PETA, USA

9.30.p.m. Red hall:
- Awarding ceremony

10.30.p.m. Blue Hall:
- Presclub (round table)