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Festival Founder � �Steps� Centre on Human Rights, Animal Rights and Environmental Protection named after Leo Tolstoy

���� '�����' �Steps� Centre on Human Rights, Animal Rights and Environmental Protection named after Leo Tolstoy was founded in 1997. Initially named CETA �Life� (Centre for Ethical Treatment of Animals), it was renamed to �Steps� Centre in 2011 due to expansion of its scope of activities.
The Head of the Centre is Igor Parfenov.
The Centre actively cooperates with organisations and private individuals that represent more than 30 countries.
Through the period of existence the Centre has been doing social, educational and legislative activities. Many articles about the Center�s activities were published by mass media of CIS, European and American countries.
Representatives from the Centre took part in different TV programmes on rights issues. The Centre was officially admitted to WSPA (World Society for the protection of Animals) � this powerful organisation is an advisory member of UNO and European Parliament, it unites over 300 organisations from more than 70 countries. The Centre is also admitted to the Anti-fur Alliance (which includes more than 30 organisations from all over the world). The Centre is a member of International Vegetarian Union (Great Britain) and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) as their regional representative in Ukraine. The Centre has held more than 150 activities, most of which were very successful and helped the Centre achieve its goals.

The main achievements of the organisation:
1. In 1997 the first Ukrainian book on rights protection � collected stories �Love or Kill� � was published (distributed free).
2. Since 1998 the Centre has been publishing �The Cry� - the first magazine distributed on the territory of former USSR devoted to human, animal rights and environmental protection (distributed free).
3. Since 2003 the Centre has been publishing monthly newspaper �Time for animal protection� � the first on the territory of former USSR. (distributed free).
4. In 1999 a free course on bioethics �Bioethics in High School� was introduced in Kharkiv Veterinary Academy. The Centre of Bioethics was opened in 1999 as well.
5. With the help of the Centre a lot of inhumane tests carried out on animals at Kharkov Veterinary Academy and other High Schools of Ukraine were forbidden and new alternative teaching methods were introduced.
6. Employees of the Center have translated more than 10 books on animal rights. These books are still being distributed nowadays.
7. 5 feature films and 12 documentaries on rights protection have been made by the Centre.
8. Since 2002 the Centre has been holding poster competition �Modern youth is against fur� in Ukraine. The best works are sent to European and international competitions. The works have been awarded prize-winning places in European competitions for multiple times.
9. The Center has arranged more than 40 demonstrations for animal protection. There have been 300-7000 people participating in each of them.
10. The Centre has organized more than 20 exhibitions and competitions on topic �Actors, artists, poets, cultural workers, writers and youth are for animal protection�.
11. The organization has saved two chimpanzees, white-tailed eagle and many other animals from poachers and has founded a shelter for them.
12. The Centre has given new home for more than 100 stray dogs and cats. We�ve built an animal shelter for stray pets.
13. Many wild animals including those who are listed in Red Book were saved with the help of the Centre.
14. Activists of the Centre took part in many collective campaigns such as campaign against corrida in Moscow and Barcelona (as a result, corrida was forbidden there), campaign against hunting in Ukraine (as a result, spring hunting season was forbidden) and many other campaigns. Also, there�s been a new law adopted in Ukraine � animal protection law.
15. Activists of the Centre took part in many international conferences and demonstrations held in England, Spain, France, Turkey, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, and Russia.
16. Members of the Centre took part in more than 100 TV programmes on rights protection broadcasted in Ukraine, Russia and European countries.
17. We�re permanently working on changing and improving the legislative system of Ukraine.
18. In 2007 the Centre founded annual International Rights Film Festival �Steps� devoted to human, animal rights and environmental protection.

The aim of �Steps� Centre is to promote human rights, animal rights and environmental protection by legal and non-violent means.

Our Centre has many hopes about the future; we see great prospects for further development of our ideas.

Join us! We will be stronger together!