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‘Environment’ is not ‘Nature.’
Ceta Festival offers you facts about animal rights and environmental protection. This is acquired: we are at a stage of degradation of Nature so pronounced that it forces finally open my eyes. These are only “flagship” species that make the news. These are just gorillas, chimpanzees, elephants, rhinos, cetaceans that fix attention. Today are the...
Igor Parfenov will be member of the jury
Igor Parfenov will be member of the jury of I-st St. Petersburg International Film Festival Association “Hope”, which will be held in December 9-13, 2011. St. Petersburg International Film Festival “Hope” – the only rights protection Film Festival in the world, which will focus on films created in prison. President and co-chairman of the festival...

International Film Festival Association

Human Rights Film Festival is dedicated to human rights violations and abuses through storytelling which calls and challenges all people as individuals to experience empathy with every single person. The purpose of this festival is to encourage the film makers all over the world and start presenting films where the human rights subject matters. When talking about the animal rights, billions of animals are exploited for our food, clothing, researches and entertainment, so the animal rights film festival has a program that provides a platform for all film makers to share very important information, creative stories inspired from the environment and create a safe habitat for the animals. The Animal Rights Film Festival is concerned about all films made from around the world that include stories about animals and all issues they are facing with. Some of these films are also depicting the use of animals as a theme for video games, hereby including casino games. The most popular animal-themed slots are coming from the online casinos in Canada, where players play and receive interesting bonuses to keep playing and try to hit the jackpot.

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