How it all started

In 1997 Steps Centre started publicly showing selected films on human and animal rights, as well as environmental protection in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Yalta and other cities of Ukraine. The first public film demonstration took place in Pusha-Voditsa (Kyiv, Ukraine). Representatives of more than 30 NGOs from the CIS countries attended the event. Besides, Steps Centre started distributing films among other NGOs of the CIS countries with filmmakers consent. In most cases these films were shown in social organizations, universities, at conferences, press-conferences, scientific congresses. Students, professors and scientists were the main audience.

In 2000 Steps Centre launched a bioethics committee in Zoo-veterinary Academy in Kharkiv region where students of Bioethics had a chance to see documentaries and feature films on human and animal rights, as well as environmental protection.

With each year more and more films were submitted to the organization, which led us to the decision to create and officially register the festival as an independent event.
The first edition of the festival featured 70 films from 20 countries.
The second edition featured over 100 films from around 30 countries.
The third edition featured 179 films from 43 countries.

The festival accepts films dedicated to human rights, animal rights, environmental protection, films on social problems. We accept all categories – documentaries, features, shorts, animation, music videos etc…

The 1st edition of STEPS Film Festival took place in Kiev, 4-7 October, 2007. Cinema House, 6, Saksaganskogo Street.
The 2nd edition of the Film Festival was held in Kiev, November 27-30, 2008. In Cinema House, Kiev and Cinema center “Kiev”.
The 3rd edition of STEPS was transferred to Kharkov and took place on December 12-19, 2009.
The 4th edition of the STEPS Film Festival was held in Kharkov, November 11-15, 2010.
The 5th edition of the Film Festival was held in Kharkov, March 8-12, 2012.