Awarded the prize “Wings of freedom”

Feature Films

Short Films
1. Best short COME AND PLAY. Germany, Daria Belova
2. Best script COCOTE HISTORIA DE UN PERRO. Spain, Ismael Martin And Cristina Moreno
2. Shock of the festival- DAS KIND . Spain, Manu Gomez Gonzalez
Documentary Films

Best Documentary THE GHOST IN OUR MACHINE . Canada, Liz Marshall

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Best music videoย  FLYING CHICKS. PETA, Germany, Djawid Hakimya

For assistance in organizing the festival and advertising support awarded:
1. The European Association of Law Students
2. Foundation of Regional Initiatives
3. Cinemahall
4. The record company “NN Studio”
5. Printing RESOURCE-93
6. Draft Without Borders
7. Campaign against discrimination
8. Radio ROKS [KAMTUGEZA] – 89,3 FM
9. Printing “PrintHouse”For a proactive stance and help with the festival “Steps” are awarded:
1. The director of the cinema “8 1/2” Maximchuk Igor
2. Chief Editor HH Studio Gaivoronskaya Julia
3. Natalia Stegniy
4. Julia Mysak
5. Maria Skorikova
6. poet Sergei Otvodenko
7. Boris Kravchenko
8. Stepan DuplinskyFor acting debut will be awarded:
1. Pavel Eliseev
2. Anna Ugreninova
3. Tatiana Sanina