VI International Human Rights Film Festival “Steps” will be held from November 7-10 In Kharkiv

VII International Human Rights Film Festival “Steps” due to lack of funding have been transferred on 2015. At the festival were sent to film scenes from more than 60 countries, the application for submitting films on the festival on 2015 – is open. All works submitted on 2014 and selected to participate will be presented at the Film Festival on 2015. From November to December 2014 in Kharkov in the cinema “Bommer” passed before-screening. We are expecting the maximum number of visitors at the festival with our rich festival program and good movies this year. Also, all guests will have the opportunity to learn how to get free spins that will allow them to enjoy in any online casino slot game.

In 2013, the festival “Steps” is divided into two stages. Competition screenings will be held from November 7-10 at the cinema “Bommer” (Poltavsky Shlakh, 6).

Schedule: 15:00, 17:00, 19:00, 21:00, 23:00 (the night of short films). The program includes screening feature films, shorts, documentaries, animated films on human rights issues, animals, nature protection, as well as films about the sharp social, philosophical and political issues. The motto of the festival is “To see this inconvenient truth!“.

The opening will take place in Dovzhenko cinema on November 7 at 18:30, and the awards ceremony will be held on November 10 at 15:00. Out of competition screenings and retrospectives of the program have been taken place in the Crimea from October 10-13 and 25-27. More than 300 films from 60 countries are being presented at the film festival.

November 7
The opening of the photo exhibition “New Home – Ukraine”, dedicated to the International Refugee Day, organized by the Committee for Human Rights, National Minorities and International Relations in cooperation with the UN Agency for Refugees. Exhibition “Perpendicular” by artist Vasilisa Kolesnik.

Film for the opening is going to be an epic drama of Igor Parfenov ” Nonconformity” (Director A.Burov, known for his work with Aleksandr Sokurov). Part of the cast were former patients of the psychiatric department. The film has already been presented at the Film Festival “Window to Europe”. Besides shock of the audience, the film got positive reviews of film critics. Kira Muratova succinctly expressed her opinion: “Killing content…”

The press conference – “round table” with the participants and guests of the festival is going to be held in the cinema “Bommer” on November 9 at 15:00. Discussion of the criminal case against members of the crew of Greenpeace “Arctic Sunrise”. The Human Rights Center “Steps” is organizing the collection of signatures in support of the activists. Round table with representatives of the Fund Nicholas Pearson, chairman of the Human Rights Center “Steps” Igor Parfenov and Alexei Goma. Subject: animal rights, ecology.

Film for the closing is going to be war drama “Leaves flying in the wind” dir. Valeriy Kharchenko (Honored Artist of the Russian Federation). November 10 at 19:00, “Bommer” cinema.

This year Spain, Germany, Russia and France were the leaders in the number of works. The best of them will be shown in the “Night of Short Films” which is going to be in the cinema “Bommer” at 23:00.

Film Festival will be visited by well-known directors, actors, human rights activists and public figures. The foyer of the theater will host a series of thematic exhibitions. Foreign films from more than 30 countries have been translated by UN volunteers (United Nations). Prize and a poster of the year have been designed on a competitive basis by them as well. UN will award the Best Picture “For inspiration to action“.

We invite you to visit the festival “Steps” and if you have any questions you can always contact us.

Igor Parfenov
president of the festival
Chairman of the Human Rights Center “Steps”
Member of the National Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine

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