The jury members of the International Rights Film Festival Steps

Ceta Festival gives information about the jury members of the International Rights Film Festival Steps
– Arkadiy Filatov – chairman of the jury. Member of the Writers’ Union of Ukraine. Member of board of Kharkov branch. He has been in the literature for more than fifty years. During this period he has published several dozens of poetic books, among them are: “Words”, “Snow, wind”, “Helen”, “Prayer”, “Retro”, “Fogs”, “Twilight”, “According to apostles”, “The Menology”, “Tomorrow” and oth. Short stories and novel “Horseradish in the village”. The laureate of the first Moscow film festival of youth – 1st award for the best script. The laureate of the international and municipal awards in journalism and literature. His poetical writings were translated to many languages of the world. He is the author of the scripts:
· 4-serial film “A house on the wharf” (2007);
· 12-serial film “The chief-2” (2005);
· 8-serial film “Detectives-5” (2003);
· 12-serial film “Chess master” (2001);
· feature film “Yanovskiy’s dog” (1985);
· feature film “Poet’s house” (1983);
· feature films “No evidence”, “Clear case” (1981);
· feature film “Great self-critic” (1980);

Igor Parfenov – director, the president of the film festival “Steps”. Activity:
· feature film “The Crucified” (2007);
· documentary “The bull’s soul” (2007);
· feature film “When gods fall asleep” (2006);
· feature film “Insanity” (2005);
· the editor of the newspaper “Time for the protection of animals” (since 2003);
· the chief editor of the rights protecting magazine “Cry” (since 1998);
· president of “Steps” Center on Human Rights, Animal Rights and Environmental Protection named after Leo Tolstoy (since 1997);
· the digest “To love or to kill” (1997);

– Stepan Pasitchnik – art-director of Kharkov theatre named after T.G.Shevchenko;

– Lesya Tishkovskaya – poetess (France). The member of the Writers’ Union of Ukraine, the candidate of the scholar sciences, writer, actress, musician;

– Aleksandr Kovalevskiy – composer, sound control supervisor. The winner of the second festival “Open Ukraine” in the nomination “Modern home music”;

– Michael Shilman – Doctor of Philosophy, poet (Israel);

– Valeriy Lovtchinovskiy – protector of rights;

– Olga Tolstova – professor of philosophy;

– Sergey Otvodenko – poet;

– Anatoliy Kutnik – writer, poet (Germany);

– Edward Bezrodniy – actor.